Bill Walton Partners with K2 Insurance Services


Bill Walton joins K2 Insurance Services as part of a new program initiative offering specialized insurance products to children participating in youth sports.

January 11th, 2017
SAN DIEGO, CA – NBA Legend and Hall of Famer Bill Walton joins K2 Insurance Services, it was announced today. Walton’s partnership coincides with a new program initiative which develops and distributes insurance products that offer both protection to children participating in youth sports, as well as for the providers of those camps and leagues.
The one-time basketball star and current ESPN and Pac-12 commentator is now partnering with K2 Insurance Services through his interest in helping young people learn life lessons through sports, and the philanthropic nature of this initiative.
Walton recognized “there is nothing better than being part of a great team. I know the value that sports participation brings to young lives and I am acutely aware of the need for the highest quality insurance coverage. This opportunity is a seamless transition to all the objectives that drive my blessed life.”
While this new program initiative is about protecting the youth in sports, it will also focus on the promotion and advocating of the importance of participating in sports from a young age.
Walton brings more than 45 years of knowledge, passion, and advocacy for the importance and development of youth sports. As part of the new youth sports initiative, he will help create a competitive specialty brand, which delivers high quality, comprehensive insurance products across the nation.
Chairman Pat Kilkenny and President & CEO Bob Kimmel formed K2 Insurance Services in 2011. Together they have over 60 years of combined industry experience. Pat formerly owned and ran Arrowhead General Insurance Agency, an industry leading general agency with more than $1 billion in annual written premiums.