What to do When an Employee Becomes Injured

midwestern logoThere are a variety of incidents that can constitute a Workers’ Compensation Insurance claim. While businesses of all types do their best to prevent against injuries, accidents happen. Therefore, securing the right insurance policy is a must. Further, here is how employers can navigate the incident when an accident happens to increase efficiency and get the employee back to work as soon as possible.

According to an article on Business.com, businesses should follow certain guidelines when formulating a Workers’ Comp plan. They are as follows:

  1. Take quick action when it comes to injuries. If the injury is life-threatening or requires emergency medical attention, immediately call 911.  Failing to seek immediate medical assistance could cause the business to become entangled in a lawsuit.
  2. Employers are required to file a claim with the insurance company immediately. Failing to do so can result in heftier fines, delayed treatment, and increased risk for workers’ compensation fraud. In fact, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, workers’ Comp scams cost businesses $7.2 million a year. Therefore, it pays to report the incident immediately.
  3. Never prevent an employee from filing a claim. Instead, employers should follow up with the injured employee, communicate with their treating physicians, and implement their return to work programs.
  4. Update claim paperwork during the process of waiting to hear back from the claims administrator. As it can take up to 90 days for approval or denial, ensure the employee’s health and recovery are processed and updated and stay up to date with their compensation.

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