Maintaining School Safety During Harsh Weather

Maintaining School Safety During Harsh WeatherAs El Niño and winter storms flurry throughout the U.S., inclement weather continues to affect the nation. Heavy snow, ice, and tornado watches are common around this time of year, and schools need to be prepared to manage these potentially dangerous scenarios. In order to reduce liability, schools need to be protected with a Public Sector Insurance Program. The following considerations for an effective emergency weather plan should be made to safeguard children and school staff, as well.

Stay abreast of weather forecasts via the radio and TV newscasts. Next, get the message out to students and staff quickly by announcing emergency plans via the public address (PA) system. If the electricity is out as a result of a storm before the plan has been activated, keep a back-up alerting device such as a megaphone on hand, says the National Weather Service. If there is no intercom system, the safest way to communicate danger is to use walkie-talkies so that no one is running from door to door in extreme weather.

School staff should be aware of the safest areas to seek shelter in the event of an emergency. As each design is different, architects and engineers of the building should be consulted to determine where the dangers exist and how to avoid risk from failing roofs, extreme winds, breaking glass, and loose debris.

Further, in the event of an earthquake or tornado, identify the safest locations in the classrooms with the lowest probability of failure. Naturally, if these disasters loom, outdoor activities should be ceased immediately. It is also important to note that the first sound of thunder is when students and staff should go indoors. Do not wait until the rain starts!

With the help of these simple tips, liability can be reduced for the public sector. In addition, the safety of everyone at the school can also be reinforced and limit the exposures caused by harsh winter weather.

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