Employer Tips for Preventing Workers’ Comp Fraud

midwestern logoWorkers’ Compensation Insurance is a necessary coverage for the majority of employers. Unfortunately, businesses of all types are at risk for experiencing some kind of workers’ compensation schemes. In order to prevent these fraudulent activities from occurring in the first place, employers can practice the following techniques.

  1. Report injuries immediately to insurance provider- According to EHS Today, the primary goal is to make sure the injured worker receives the proper treatment and that the recovery protocols are followed to facilitate a speedy recovery so the injured worker is returned to health and the job as quickly as possible- when this process is followed, the possibility of fraud is less likely.
  2. Provide proper training and supervision- As the manager of the company is often the point of contact for the injured employee, ensure they know how to handle workers’ compensation claims. In addition, managers should accompany the injured worker to their medical appointments whenever possible in order to reduce the chances of fraudulent claims. Next, managers should be encouraged to communicate with the physician and the worker about the status of their recovery. This will prevent the worker from feeling neglected and reduce the chances of a potential lawsuit.
  3. Investigate the accident immediately- While the injury is still new, investigate how and why the accident occurred. This can help to determine where the issue lies and identify how it can be prevented from happening again in the future. Further, the more facts and evidence gathered can prevent a scam from occurring.
  4. Background checks- Past criminal history can indicate a theme for fraud. By performing background checks, employers can understand who exactly they are hiring to protect their business in the long run.

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