Workers’ Compensation Claims Handling: Common Employer Errors

When it comes to controlling workers’ compensation claims, business owners and company directors must execute all necessary actions in a prompt and correct manner. This will not only help companies to control costs, but is also an essential part of a strong risk management program. How can employers best handle workers’ compensation claims? Avoiding the common employer errors listed below, highlighted by a recent HNI article, is a good start.

Reporting the Claim Too Late

When a workplace injury occurs, memories are fresh and evidence is preserved the sooner the injury is reported. Claims representatives are required to work with a medical provider to keep their injured employee working in a light duty capacity, and this cannot be done without the timely reporting of a claim.

Not Investigating the Injury Right When it Occurs

The right person needs to be aware of an employee injury. In almost all cases, this is going to be the employees’ immediate supervisor; who knows all the details of the workers job and will be the best person to determine if the accident or injury was a result of a hazardous work environment or the workers’ own negligence. This investigation should also be done right when the injury occurs so the supervisor can see the status of the work area.

Not Offering a Return-To-Work Program

A return to work program helps to reduce or potentially even eliminate lost-time claims by brining injured workers back to work sooner than they would have been able to return otherwise. This has many benefits; it saves the company time and money, and helps the worker feel like a valued member of the team who cannot be replaced.

The above mentioned errors are just a few common mistakes employers make when it comes to workers’ compensation claims. Other mistakes include not securing a medical release at the time of the injury, hiring unqualified employees and/or not conducting proper safety training, and not having a general understanding of workers’ compensation in general.

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