Comparing Manufactured Home Safety to Traditional Home Safety


Manufactured home buying has become increasingly popular in the last few decades, particularly in the last few years. Mobile and manufactured homes have come a long way since then in not only quality, but also price; becoming a top choice for new home buyers and retirees alike. Purchasing a manufactured home, however does not come without risks, which is why Manufactured Home Insurance Coverage is essential.

Aegis General Insurance Agency (AGIA) is a full-service program administrator, providing distribution, underwriting, and policy administration capabilities to facilitate complete insurance program management, including coverage for manufactured homes. This manufactured home coverage protects homeowners against catastrophic events and perils.

While having the appropriate financial protection is essential, in order to understand coverage needs, these homeowners must realize how manufactured home safety procedures may differ from that of traditional homes.


The leading cause of manufactured and mobile home fires is electrical distribution equipment, whereas cooking is the main fire threat in traditional homes. This is according to the National Fire Protection Association, which also notes that smoke alarms are missing in half of all manufactured homes. While ensuring that smoke alarms and fire extinguishers are present and accessible, it’s important to remember that electrical fires can occur at any time, even if the homeowner isn’t present. Meaning that proper dwelling insurance protection is essential.


As most Americans know, weather damage is a notorious cause for manufactured home property damage. Manufactured and mobile homes are understandably lighter than most site-built traditional homes, and are at a significant disadvantage when it comes to risks. Homeowners should ensure they have the appropriate level of insurance coverage to protect against this exposure.

Fire and weather damage are just a couple of the exposures manufactured homeowners face. AGIA covers perils caused by a variety of catastrophic events. To learn more about their coverages or to become a producer, contact them today at (858) 866-8966.

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