Allied Public Risk Acquisition Announcement

Allied Public Risk is proud to announce the acquisition of Alteris’ WaterPlus, FirePlus, and JPRIMA programs. Twenty-one Alteris employees transitioned to Allied Public Risk as part of the acquisition. The agency’s new leadership team comprises Paul Fuller (CEO), Stephanie Gilmore (President/COO), Vickie Kartchner (President-in-Transition/Primary Practice Head), Margaret Zechlin (Executive Vice President/Alternative Practice Head), and George […] Read More

Improving Onboarding Practices

Regardless of the industry or size, every business needs to vet and hire qualified employees. As the staff is the backbone to any successful operation, retaining them is just as important as hiring them. While many believe the onboarding process is a trivial one, research indicates that a proper training and hiring process is critical […] Read More

Wellness Program Compliance in the Workplace

Health insurance providers often provide financial incentives for businesses to offer wellness programs. Therefore, in order to promote healthier lifestyles and receive benefits, it’s become more and more popular over the last few years for employers to implement these programs. While these programs are intended to encourage a healthier standard of living, they have recently […] Read More

A Complete Guide to Street Bike Safety Gear

Starting out on a street bike is no easy task. Apart from doing the research, finding a reputable dealer, and pulling the trigger, the right gear is just as important in the buying process. Not only will this gear provide your clients with the necessary protection, it will ensure the rider’s comfort during the trip. […] Read More

What to do When an Employee Becomes Injured

There are a variety of incidents that can constitute a Workers’ Compensation Insurance claim. While businesses of all types do their best to prevent against injuries, accidents happen. Therefore, securing the right insurance policy is a must. Further, here is how employers can navigate the incident when an accident happens to increase efficiency and get […] Read More

Hiring Freelancers: Employment Practices Liability?

As the shift from a traditional 9-5 to a gig economy continues, it’s important to recognize how it impacts both employers and workers alike. With this change comes more Employment Practices Liability for the employer in terms of classifying the worker and paying them properly. As such, heed the following advice for ensuring compliance with […] Read More

Employer Tips for Preventing Workers’ Comp Fraud

Workers’ Compensation Insurance is a necessary coverage for the majority of employers. Unfortunately, businesses of all types are at risk for experiencing some kind of workers’ compensation schemes. In order to prevent these fraudulent activities from occurring in the first place, employers can practice the following techniques. Report injuries immediately to insurance provider- According to […] Read More

Aegis Powersports Now in Arizona

Aegis Powersports is now offering its industry-leading lineup of powersport F&I products in the State of Arizona. Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Aegis Powersports leverages the latest technology and data to offer dealer finance and insurance (F&I) products to motorcycle and other powersport dealerships. Sunnyvale, CA – Today, Aegis Powersports announced that their […] Read More

Understanding Municipality Insurance

Risks are nothing new for the public sector. From managing fiscal responsibilities and planning a budget to ensuring their residents are protected, there is no shortage of liability for these professionals. While a comprehensive Municipality Insurance Program can help to curb these risks and financial obligations for these cities and towns, it’s important to understand […] Read More