The Basics of Municipality Insurance

logo-AegisLogoRisk and loss exposures are nothing new for the public sector; city officials face liability issues every day. These officials are tasked with not only managing debt and fiscal policy, but keeping their residents physically safe, providing a sufficient public investment in education, and addressing terrorism and border control issues. These cities or townships should obtain the right Municipality Insurance Program, but in addition it’s important for them to understand the details and intricacies of such a policy.

In order to truly understand the protection that municipality insurance affords, city officials must realize the municipal laws that they are in charge of; this includes property liability, zoning laws, crime insurance risks, law enforcement liability, cyber risks, educators’ legal liability, and more. The following are just a few of the insurance policies included in a robust municipality insurance program.

General Liability

This coverage protects a municipality against bodily injury and property damage claims arising from all locations and operations within the municipal entity. These types of injuries can occur due to improperly maintained roads and sidewalks, construction activities, or even natural disasters where due diligence has not been taken.

Crime Insurance

Municipalities must be engaged in crime prevention. Part of this is insuring against potential losses. Another important aspect of this is ensuring that businesses are properly screened and background checks are performed for city employers as well as employees, in addition to preventing tax fraud and evasion of social security contributions.

Employment Practices

In general, this coverage provides municipalities protection against claims from employees including alleged discrimination, wrongful termination, harassment, retaliation, unfair discipline, wrongful hiring, supervision, demotion, failure to promote, misrepresentation, defamation, libel, slander, disparagement or invasion of privacy, and breach of implied contract.

The above mentioned coverages are just a basic outline of what a comprehensive municipality insurance program provides. At Aegis General Insurance Agency, through one of our divisions, Allied Public Risk, our municipality insurance package also includes: property insurance, inland marine coverage, auto liability and physical damage coverage, cyber liability, educators’ legal liability, public officials’ liability, law enforcement liability, and umbrella liability. For more information about these products and services, please contact Aegis General today at 855.399.0966.

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