Improving Onboarding Practices

Improving Onboarding Practices

Regardless of the industry or size, every business needs to vet and hire qualified employees. As the staff is the backbone to any successful operation, retaining them is just as important as hiring them. While many believe the onboarding process is a trivial one, research indicates that a proper training and hiring process is critical to retaining valuable staff members. In order to minimize Employment Practices Liability, here is how to effectively improve the onboarding process.

Write it down.

Rather than ramble on about processes and procedures, business owners should have a written, documented plan. This will help to guide the process, ensure consistency over various training groups, and keep it organized. Keep in mind that whoever is in charge of onboarding should evaluate its effectiveness and add and remove sections as needed.

Train onboarders.

While an enthusiastic employee might be eager to show off what makes the company so stellar, it’s important that they have the skills needed to thoroughly train and answer any questions the new hires might have. Ensure they set expectations, introduce the company, and establish a foundation for future training, explains Small Business Trends.

Pace the training.

It might seem better to throw new hires into their roles, but having them start slow and adapt to their surroundings is better for productivity and employee retention. Introduce job duties one at a time, allow room for questions, and try not to overwhelm them.

Emphasize culture.

According to the Association for Talent Development, company culture is one of the most important considerations for job seekers. Allow new hires to engage with other workers and get to know the company and the perks of the job.

Consistency is key.

The more onboarding sessions are completed, the easier the rhythm will be. Consistency is critical to ensure all new hire orientations run smoothly and obtain the same information as their predecessors.

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