October 29, 2014



We are pleased to announce the opening of Aegis Specialty Insurance Services – a new California insurance provider that will specialize in personal property insurance in the Golden State.  Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the company’s new ground-up approach will allow it to leverage today’s technology and data to deliver a level of service that is unique in the marketplace.

Sunnyvale, CA – Today, Aegis Specialty Insurance Services announced the opening of their new Silicon Valley office located in Sunnyvale, California.  The new venture, part of Aegis General Insurance Agency, will be leveraging technology to deliver home, condo and renters insurance through a new innovative platform.  The new platform will enable independent insurance agents and brokers who sell the insurance products to consumers to quote and bind coverage easier than ever before.  “By combining the incredible talent available in Silicon Valley with today’s external data sources, we can re-define the ease and accuracy of securing insurance protection for your home,” stated Tim Summers, President of Aegis Specialty.

Your home is usually the largest asset you own and property insurance protects your home, your contents and provides important liability protection for you and your family.  “Getting property insurance for your home is one of the most important things homeowners should do to protect themselves and their family.  Independent agents and brokers will have access to more information at the point-of-sale with this new platform, minimizing changes made to the policy after it is bound, unlike traditional company underwriting procedures,” noted Robert Large, Senior Vice President of Products and Marketing.  Aegis Specialty says their new platform will integrate third party data on a real-time basis providing the user more underwriting information at the point-of-sale, thereby increasing the certainty that all underwriting criteria have been satisfied before the policy is issued.

All policies will be backed by Aegis Security Insurance Company, an affiliated carrier that is rated “A” (Excellent) by AM Best.  “We are fortunate to partner with such a team of talented insurance professionals with the experience and vision to bring insurance and technology together for everyone’s benefit,” said Pat Kilkenny, Chairman of Aegis Security.  Robert Kimmel, Chief Executive Officer of Aegis Security, added “Insurance agents and brokers will experience the easiest to use and most accurate platform that provides the level of coverage and protection consumers expect.”  Kimmel noted that the new insurance products will be widely available throughout California early next year with competitive rates and coverage options.

Aegis Specialty Insurance Services is a part of Aegis General Insurance Agency and provides homeowner, condominium, townhouse, renters, mobile home and motorcycle insurance.  Aegis Security Insurance Company is rated “A” (“Excellent”) by A.M. Best and sells insurance on an admitted basis in all states.

For more information, please contact Matt LuBien, Chief Operating Officer at 858-866-8917 or at

How Content Marketing Can Help an MGA Grow Their Business

How Content Marketing Can Help an MGA Grow Their Business

How Content Marketing Can Help an MGA Grow Their Business

It’s no secret that networking, research, and promotions have all moved online. No matter the industry, conducting business is much different than it was even a decade ago. The main advantage of this is that it is easier than ever, and more convenient, to gain and retain clients in a more straight-forward, personal, and interactive manner.  MGAs are no exception to this.

A large part of digital online marketing is content marketing; used to build relationships, strategize new leads, and engage in practices to promote a business. This type of marketing allows an MGA to provide educational and valuable information on the basis that current and prospective clients will be attracted to their offerings.

An MGA can engage in content marketing in many ways; by publishing blogs, articles, newsletters, white papers, e-books, and bulletins, and distributing these through multiple social media channels. This content should always remain relevant to the target audience and portray the MGA as an expert in the field. These marketing practices will ultimately help an MGA build a level of trust that can engage and attract clients, helping to build the MGA’s brand and reputation.

Content marketing is not just a phase. As a matter of fact, 41% of marketers confirm content marketing’s positive ROI. The outreach that MGAs can achieve through this method of marketing is ever-growing. Content marketing and social media platforms allow an MGA to connect and network with their target market. Marketing practices have come a long way in the last decade, and content marketing techniques are now vital components to helping an MGA grow their business.

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